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automatically use the correct input source

Ever hassled by wrong input source when switching application?
SwitchKey can automatically activate your choice for you.

Download & Install

Download (macOS):
Uncompress, then drag & drop into your Applications folder.


Save current input source choice for frontmost application:
click "Add Current".
Enable/disable automatic switch for saved application:
check/uncheck the checkbox on the right.
Remove saved choice:
select the one to be deleted, then press delete key.

Not working? See below.

First Run

Upon first launch, SwitchKey will ask for accessibility permission.
SwitchKey will open accessibility page and exit.
After you grant permission, re-launch SwitchKey again.
The same will happen if you reject the permission later.



I wrote this because I tried some other tools.
They are either buggy or too cumbersome to configure.
I payed money and time for them.
So you don't have to pay for them anymore.

Bug Report & Feature Request

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